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Ever had that one job you absolutely hated? Where the thought of getting out of bed in the morning to head off to work filled you with utter dread? Where just about anything is an option if it means being able to avoid the place?

Evil boss? Creepy, conniving co-workers? Never been a team player, and can’t stand the thought of having to work as one?
Appalling working conditions? Underpaid, underappreciated? Sick of seeing others advance while you stagnate?

What about the other side of the coin? Ever had that one job you absolutely loved? Where you couldn’t bear the thought of losing it, couldn’t imagine how you’d get by if you didn’t have it? What lengths would you go to, to ensure you kept it?

How about no job at all? The endless parade of pounding the pavement in a fruitless search for employment, with doors slamming in your face. No experience. No prospects. No future.

Where do you go after you've been to hell_ You go insane.(1)

For the long awaited sixth volume, Rejected For Content is heading off to work.
I’m looking for tales from the workplace. Any workplace.
When good jobs go bad. When bad jobs get worse. Bastard bosses. Disturbed co-workers. Places where the most unhinged of souls would never dream of working in their wildest nightmares.

When workplace relations break down beyond fixing. Or when workplace relations strengthen, in ways that are just plain wrong.

I’m primarily after horror, but any genre is considered, as long as the piece has been, or is likely to be, rejected on the grounds of content.

For those who are no stranger to RFC, you know the drill. For anybody else, familiarity with the first five volumes just to get the gist of what we’re after is recommended, but not essential.

Get hired. Get fired. Get rejected.


There’s one month left until this closes, so get cracking with those applications (aka stories) if you have any plans to try out for a position in the most disturbing, dysfunctional, deranged workplace of all-Rejected For Content.

3k to 10k word count (flexible on both minimums and maximums-flash fiction and poetry will be considered, but since I’m primarily after stories, only a few poems etc. are likely to be accepted, so bring the best).

As this is WetWorks, extreme horror and bizarro stories are preferable, but ultimately any genre is fine provided it has been, or is likely to be, rejected on the grounds of content.
Times New Roman
12 pt
double line spacing
Deadline: August 31, 2017
Email address for submissions is

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This was originally intended be an invite-only experiment, but I figured I’ll throw it open for anybody who might want to get involved. Let me know and I’ll add you to the group.

Triggers. Everybody has them. Some traumatic life event. A phobia. Something brought on by anxiety. Fear. Loneliness. Desperation. Desire. Rage.
It’s how we react to them, that shapes us.
Will they break us, leave us curled up and lost, helpless and hopeless? Or will they be the catalyst in making us snap? Triggered to run riot and rampage?
Everybody has triggers. Anything can set them off.
I want stories of triggers, of the reasons behind them, what triggers folks, folks who have been triggered, how they react. And the consequences when events, situations, overheard words or misconstrued actions kick off a chain reaction where anything can happen.


This is a WetWorks project, so naturally I’m primarily looking at extreme horror, though not exclusively.
10k maximum, no minimum (flash fiction and poetry are acceptable if you feel you can do the theme justice with minimal words. Bear in mind though, the large proportion of material I will be looking for will be stories, so bring the best for poems etc. Three poem limit on submissions).
Multiple story submissions are fine.
Time New Roman 12 preferred. Double spaced.
Subject matter is wide open to interpretation, there is very little that is taboo here; after all it is trigger material and the exploration of it. However, remember I’m after stories, not just gore for gore’s sake, or something deliberately intended to offend or set someone off without the presence of a solid storyline. We’re after reasons, reactions, whys and hows, and so on.
This project is an experiment, so feel free to have fun with it, see what your imaginations can dredge up.