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From New York to Los Angeles

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From New York to Los Angeles

The Plebs hit New York ;)

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The Plebs hit New York ;)

Absolutely epic pic created by Ian Woodhead, author of the Zombie Armageddon series.

Random, but cool.

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Randomly perusing the Horror Society site, checking out Terry West’s upcoming novel feature and a few other things, and this advertisement popped up at the side of the page. I’m sure the ads are geared to match what each visitor is interested in and that sort of thing, but it was still pretty cool to see.



First print copy of Plebs!

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First print copy of Plebs!

In order to ramp up the promotion a bit more for Plebs, along with posting (some probably say spamming haha) in countless horror, writing, author groups and so forth, interviews and reviews I have created Plebs its own page on Facebook.

Check it out here


So, Plebs has been out approximately two weeks now, or just over and I am currently in the midst of the promotion. The writing part, the creating of stories, throwing characters in at the deep end and seeing if they can sink or swim is the fun bit, the promotion is undoubtedly, the least enviable part of this writing gig. However, it is essential, so I’m posting this sucker everywhere, lining up interviews, actively seeking reviews.
The review hunting is a juxtaposed position for me, considering the amount of reviews I myself did back in the not so distant days of Black Belle Music and I must say, coming by reviews in the extreme metal scene might be an easier task.
I do have a handful of reviews already lined up, but expecting them to magically appear overnight isn’t likely to happen, mainly for the fact that Plebs is such a lengthy book (more cogitations about long books coming after these updated ramblings) and I imagine not everybody reads fast. I do, I devour books, but then again I’ve always been a speed reader.
I’ve also completed several interviews, which again is a matter of waiting for the various interviewers to get back to me to let me know when they are going to go live. One has stated that there won’t be a spot available until September. Well, that’s great and I’ll still run with it, maybe that will boost some renewed interest in Plebs, but rest assured by then I plan to have other works out on the market so Plebs won’t be the only thing I’m attempting to drum up interest in.
I’ve heard plenty of people say that the first book always tends to languish and sit around for quite a period of time before it really takes off, if at all, so with that in mind, I haven’t been shirking writing new stuff and constantly staying in creative mode.
Along with the two novels I am working on simultaneously, I am putting the finishing touches on a collection of short stories which I plan to submit as a next release while I wrap up the zombie novel (which is currently at 50k words). This will probably end up around the 40-50k mark in terms of words so it will be a much shorter read than Plebs, but still with some decent length to it. I aim to use it as a stopgap between Plebs and Undead Fleshcrave (or In the Darkest Hour, whichever might get picked up first) and want to get it out there ASAP.

Now, back to the subject of long books. It has of course been debated fairly extensively on the whole novella/novelette vs novel thing, and the absolute proliferation of those shorter things always makes me think are they killing the good old long full length?

Granted it must be a great incentive to have things out there, and be massively prolific by churning out short piece after short piece, but by the same token, what’s going on with lengthy epic stories one can really get stuck into for days, one of those adventures that you never want to end so you’re thankful that the book has some solid chunky size about it? Dan Simmons, Simon Clark, Robert McCammon, old Koontz, old King, Steve Harris with ‘Adventureland’, Mark Morris with ‘Toady’, these are the books I loved to read back in the day, books that could hold you in thrall for the duration despite the fact that they were massive books. Not enough of them coming out nowadays when the lure of the quick item exists.
These days it’s all about the short piece, and with that in mind, if I were inclined to go down that path I could probably be pumping out novellas/novelettes etc at a rate of something ridiculous like ten or twenty a year with the amount I write, but the thing is, I like to read big books and I like to write big books. Right now my other WIP is over 180k and it’s only half finished, that big bastard is going to have to be split into two, I don’t see any other way around that. Plebs itself is 600+ pages, roughly 180k as well, which in this day and age might deter some people. Probably not something that can be read in a day, but I’d love to hear if anybody is able to.

In any case, I’m aiming to be extremely prolific, but in saying that, I want those works to be ones of decent length, something that can maintain attentions and be those kinds of books you don’t want to end. No doubt there will be folk saying, thank fuck, I thought that shit would never end, but hey, that’s how it goes.

This has been another episode of random ruminations and cogitations, stay tuned. I’ll probably have more to say on this at a later date, for now it’s back to writing tales of creepy shit and other cheerful stuff.