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First review of Plebs on Amazon

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Check out this epic review of Plebs on Amazon from the superb Mark Woods!


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If you dig horror writing inspired and influenced by the late, great Richard Laymon, check out my debut novel Plebs.
Feral freaks, sadistic human monsters, beautiful but deadly women and a handful of shiftless slackers caught in the middle of a nightmare.

Goodreads Little Known Gems

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Plebs has turned up on the Goodreads Little Known Gems list, so anybody with a Goodreads profile who wants to swing round and give me a vote, that would be awesome. Started off at 393, now sitting at number 29.

Plebs. It’s here!

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Check it out, the feral freaks and the even more loathsome humans who populate Plebs are finally here!

Also available in paperback here

This is awesome, I am beyond stoked. Reviews would be cool, let me know if you love it, hate it, are indifferent to it. After being in the metal reviews game for years, I appreciate not all reviews are going to be favourable so honest reviews are best


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It’s just about here… 😉 Shiftless slacker Corey Somerset and his buddies are about to wander into a nightmare…
(Cover art by the wonderful Catt Dahman)

Coming in 2014….

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Coming in 2014....

“Seven strangers, thrust together into a situation beyond their control. Who will survive til dawn? Coming in 2014, from some of JEA’s top authors.”

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Stoked to announce that I will be part of the heavy metal horror themed anthology Axes of Evil coming from Chupa Cabra House in April. This is beyond awesome to be in the company of some wicked and wonderful writers. Cheers to the legendary Alex S. Johnson!

Axes of Evil II has already been opened up for subs by Alex and drawing plenty of interest, and I will most certainly be getting something together for that as well, maybe a bloodier, more visceral piece laden with mayhem and horror, than the juxtaposition of evil piece I subbed for Number One.

Either way it will be a melange of horror and heavy metal, exactly the types of domains where I love to dwell… 😉