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The second installment of the Rejected For Content anthologies series has surfaced from J. Ellington Ashton Press, clawing its way up out of dark recesses and grimy murk, in a welter of blood and other bodily fluids. This is the Aberrant Menagerie, playing host to a collection of sordid stories and tales of terror alongside works of dark poetry, and as the theme of the anthology dictates, all have been, or are likely to be, pieces rejected from the majority of publishers on the grounds of content and no other reason.

As I’ve made mention of before, the seeds of an idea sprang up between a handful of JEA authors and the musings and ruminations in that discussion became what blossomed into Rejected For Content. At the time, I had a story submitted to another press for potential inclusion in an upcoming anthology, which I commented on, saying that I was fairly sure it was going to get knocked back from there due to the subject matter contained within it. That story is a lengthy one (around 15k) entitled House of the Goat Monster which revolves around a freakish child killer, and though it did in fact get rejected from the antho I suggested it would, it has been picked up for publication elsewhere. (Keep an eye out for Ghosts: An Anthology of Horror From the Beyond coming early May).

In any case, I’m starting to deviate away from the subject at hand, but just in case you have any interest in seeing where the whole Rejected For Content notions partially sprang from (in conjunction with the actual suggestions made by Michael Fisher, Catt Dahman, Mark Woods and others that we create an anthology as a home for those controversial or potentially hardcore stories) then you will be able to read about the charmless Goat Monster in that upcoming book.

Back to RFC2. On top of contributing a story to this (and if you have read Rejected 1, then Infernus Park Cannibals in this one is potentially going to make There Goes the Neighborhood look positively pleasant, though I enjoyed the brutal excesses and characteristic extreme horror explorations I took with both pieces) RFC2 also marks my editorial debut. I shall also be helming Rejected For Content 3 and relatively soon will set out guidelines for it and start up an open submission call, seeking more stories and poems to fit the bill. I already have a bunch of interested parties looking to submit to it, including both established authors and unknown newcomers and I welcome an influx of both. If I get swamped in a deluge of great pieces, I’m definitely not opposed to spanning this thing out into one hell of a franchise.

In any case, a point on the whole editor contributing stories to their own anthologies. I’ve seen multiple discussions and questions raised across various platforms about whether it is bad form for an editor to include a story to an antho they’re in charge of, whether it is a great idea, whether it serves an underlying purpose, all kinds of different opinions and of course, that’s all they are, opinions. Personally I am not opposed to the idea at all; I’ve seen it happen countless times and it continues to happen frequently, and I’ve never in any way considered it as a vehicle for that particular editor’s story whatsoever, more a case of it being a showcase of everybody involved. People are not going out to buy the book on the strength of an editor name, they are after the stories inside. My involvement in RFC2 started out as just an author. I wrote a story specifically intended for the antho, I signed a contract for it after acceptance and then some time later I was asked if I actually wanted to take charge of the entire project. Which I certainly did, because I love the entire concept and had a hand or two in assistance with the first book in the series. But that didn’t mean I was about to pull my own story, for the simple reason that it was explicitly written for Rejected For Content 2 prior to me becoming editor, and fuck, read that story…can you envision that grimy composition belonging anywhere but the Aberrant Menagerie?

Anyway, enough rambling on. RFC2 is loaded with brilliant authors, some of who are repeat offenders (backing up from RFC1) and some of them are new faces. I’ll be looking to temper RFC3 in the same way and infuse some new blood into the mix with seasoned hardcore inkslingers and continue the trend. Some of the folk here are already well known names with the ability to terrify or repulse you, and it is possible that some of those who aren’t so well known may leave an indelible mark on you with their sanguinary scribblings as well and start raising their own profiles. Time will tell. Anthos like this are always a good foot in the door for folks, and though I did it the other way round with novels before shorts, I recognise the value of getting a few short story credits out there for people to check out, as a potential launching pad to full length books.

Ok, I’m wrapping up now, so you can stop reading and head on over and grab a copy of Rejected For Content 2: Aberrant Menagerie. If you have interest in submitting for the third volume, stay tuned for updates.

Serial killers, strippers, perverted priests, cannibals, nature gone insane, demons, freaks of all kinds, both human and otherwise. This is a place where horrors are extreme and often ultraviolent, a place where sex is not taboo.
These are bedtime stories for the depraved; tales with every reason to be rejected for content.

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Name Jim Goforth

Age 38

Where are you from I’m from Australia. Born in Sydney. Both of my parents are from the United States.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc

Jim: I was born in the city, raised in the country, spent most of my adult life in the city and now I reside in the country once more. I graduated high school, then studied Law at university, attaining an Associate Degree. I’m a heavy metal aficionado (primarily extreme metal) and my wife and I used to run Black Belle Music, an entity created to promote, support and spotlight metal communities all over the world, prior to returning to write horror.

As the above might suggest, I am married and have two little children.


Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Jim: My most recent news would be the release of my editorial debut which…

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