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Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, I have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account up and running so I may as well get a blogsite happening also, and this will be it.

Here I will keep as vigilant as possible with updates of what is going on with my first book Plebs (which will be published by J. Ellington Aston Press shortly), when it will be released, what formats it will be in and where it will be available.

I will also post about the status of other projects including the soon to be released Lycanthroship (also from JEA), a very cool concept and a massive amount of fun involving six different authors with six different characters all being tied into one nightmare situation by another, along with a host of others.

Plenty of things happening.

Expect random musings, abundant references to horror and  extreme metal genres, updates on what particular things I’m currently working on and maybe lists of some of the various things I’ve written, published or otherwise.

Some time down the track I will also post a few short stories, dark scribblings and poetry for perusal.

I have been writing for a very long time, with horror ultimately winning out as my greatest written passion though it is only relatively recently that I have returned to this after many years of being involved in the universal extreme metal scene, writing reviews for Black Belle Music (created by my wife Elle and I).

After a period of time in which hundreds and hundreds of reviews were written to assist the promotion and support of bands all over the world who otherwise might not have had the chance to get themselves noticed (with a focus primarily on unknowns, underground acts and unsigned bands) I rediscovered my infatuation for horror fiction and threw myself right back into it.

These are the last round of reviews I did prior to putting BBM on permanent hiatus.

Right after dissolving this I re-read a partially completed story I’d been writing, found the desire to finish it and did so. This was Plebs, a story which initially started its existence meaning to be just a short. the more I wrote the more I wanted to write and it then became some six hundred plus pages of a full length novel.

I submitted it to J. Ellington Ashton Press and a contract for it was offered that very day. Many years ago I tried to get published before I had a clue on which publishing houses were suitable, or who would be likely to be interested but this time around I had a better idea and with the wealth of talent JEA has onboard I knew this was the place.

In terms of writing horror I have a wide array of subjects which I choose to write about and don’t have any particular niche as such though I enjoy sprinkling references to heavy metal throughout my works.

I’m an aficionado of many many great horror authors but my greatest inspiration and influence is the late great Richard Laymon.

With all that said, welcome to my blog and I’ll attempt to keep it as active as can be.