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The third installment of the Rejected For Content anthology series from JEA’s WetWorks imprint is out, released into society in all its gruesome glory.

The grotesque. The grisly. The extreme. The erotic. Punishing. Poignant. Vicious. Vengeful. Rejected. For Content.

RFC3 full wrap

Comprised of twenty three pieces Rejected For Content 3: Vicious Vengeance is the longest of the series so far and marks the second time I have taken the reins as editor. Unlike the first two volumes I don’t have a story in this collective, instead I’m just the man helming it. Like the predecessors, this book features a wide array of talented authors, ranging from the well established to some unknown and upcoming faces, which is one of the hallmarks of RFC. There are names folks will be very familiar with, there are names that folks will be hearing much more of in the future. Among this sanguinary sprawl of provoking prose and poetry are a few scribes who have the distinction of featuring in all three volumes of the series thus far, which is rather cool. New faces are constantly being attracted to the whole concept which is a wonderful thing; it sees the tendrils of RFC spread further and wider, but it is also great to have top notch work still being submitted by folks who have pretty much become synonymous with the series.

The subtitle of the opus, ‘Vicious Vengeance’, as I make mention of in the foreword wasn’t one that I had in mind prior to starting the submissions, reading, cutting down process, but as I did go through the myriad stories that were submitted, there was a high percentage of them which revolved in one way or another around revenge. Consequently, they assisted in throwing a suitable moniker up. Naturally, it isn’t all of the stories which are steeped in bloody vengeance and ruthless revenge, but the large proportion of them meant the book essentially dubbed itself.

Nor are all the stories and works brutal, violent, overtly sexual or the types of things one might expect to have been originally ‘rejected for content’. No, there is poignancy here, touching moments, things which are far more subtle than affronting and shocking (though rest assured, that’s here in spades too), cutting insights on society, people’s behaviours, intentions, psyches and mental states. These stories involve human souls laid bare, skin peeled right back to reveal the often hideously ugly interior and on the surface some might shock, but they will all make you think, mull over and contemplate. They all have their reasons to be rejected on the grounds of content for other publishers who might be prone to shy away from this deliberate ugliness, sordidness, offensive or abrasive, but at WetWorks these tales of terror are embraced with open arms.

For those who are thinking, fuck, RFC2 wasn’t released that long ago, that WetWorks is fucking cranking out this series, I’ll gibber on about that a little. I had folks clamouring for another RFC and stories ready to roll, so after number 2 had been out for a while I opened up a submissions call for part 3 with a strict deadline to be adhered to. The response was excellent, to the extent where I ended up with some great stories that unfortunately couldn’t make the cut, based on size restraints, so technically if those same writers wish to have involvement with the next installment of a series that keeps growing, it’s well on the way already.

In any case, the speed with which RFC3 came together can be attributed to all the contributors involved. Without their prompt responses to contracts, issues, actions and all the things involved in the compiling and creation of the anthology, it wouldn’t have run nearly as smoothly or efficiently, so the group of extreme inkslingers who have work in Vicious Vengeance are definitely responsible for it being an extremely positive experience, alongside those staff members with the unenviable jobs of formatting and proof copies.

If you’re already familiar with Splattergore and Aberrant Menagerie, then it’s time for you to become immersed in Vicious Vengeance. If you aren’t and you think you have the constitution and fortitude for what lurks within the pages of all three volumes, then throw yourself into them. You might not be the same afterwards, so approach with caution.

One final note before I drop off the link so you are able to go and check out the new Rejected For Content release.

Rejected For Content 4 will certainly be happening. As I mentioned above, I already have a host of worthy stories and at some stage I will be opening up another submissions call to round up a host more. This won’t be happening until next year at this stage; I’m pretty much steering clear of all anthologies-either running or submitting to-for the remainder of 2015 so I can concentrate on my own writing. That has been the plan for some time and aside from RFC4, I imagine it is going to be the plan for 2016 as well, so there will be less short stories in different books from me and more short stories written to include in future collections from me. But, I’m diverging away from the original point…

I’ll let potential submitters, or folks who might be wanting to pen something suitable for Rejected For Content 4, this opus already has a subtitle, as created by the man who is responsible for the cover art of all the books in the series so far. This is ‘Highway To Hell’, so bear that title in mind. While RFC as a series is open theme and will continue to remain open theme for the foreseeable future, I will be specifically seeking a few works which in some way address or involve that subtitle, so start getting those freakish ideas churning and see if you can end up on the Rejected For Content Highway To Hell.

In the meantime, be sure to snare a copy of Vicious Vengeance from the link below (or Barnes & Noble, Book Depository etc, all those places when it becomes available there).

From the shocking to the surreal, the poignant to the repugnant, the erotic to the extreme, Rejected For Content 3 delves into the darkest corners of human hearts and minds. The stories contained within have been rejected from other presses on the grounds of content; tales to shock and frighten, unnerve and disgust, with many disturbed souls driven by vicious vengeance. Featuring Toneye Eyenot, K. Trap Jones, Essel Pratt, Dani Brown, AJ Waters, Lisa Dabrowski, Matthew Weber, Andrew Bell, Jay Helmstutler, Edward Kenyon, Matthew Cash, Victoria Vassilious, Ian McClellan, Ash Hartwell, Stephen Kozeniewski, Roy C. Booth, Axel Kohagen, Brent Lorentson, Gregg Zimmerman, Michelle Garza, Melissa Lason, Catfish McDaris and Amanda M. Lyons.

rfc3 cover