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As I mentioned in my last post, I already had a playlist for Clans sorted and ready to roll, so here it is. Given it’s a relatively short book in comparison to some of mine, this playlist is something of an extended one-it’s a fair bet you’d finish reading the book before the playlist ended if you actually read in accompaniment to all the songs listed here.

Nonetheless, all of these tracks here have their reasons for being included, and I could have added more, but I think fifty is quite enough. As the story focuses largely on the two rival warring Clans, the Punks and the Metalheads, all the songs comprising this soundtrack, as it were, are drawn from those genres. A little bit of crossover and merging of said genres in spots, but for the most part-two sets of songs with boots firmly placed in their respective territories.

These are songs that are mentioned throughout, or serve as chapter titles, or have much to do with the storylines themselves, or, if you have a keen eye, are mentioned in dialogue or narrative without actually being referred to as songs. Let’s see if you can spot any others, since there are a couple not on the playlist here that do pop up throughout.


Anyway, this isn’t a post to ramble on, it just exists as a playlist to accompany the recently released Clans. It’s not done too badly for my first book of the year (I’m going with that despite the fact it came out on December 31 2019, rather than January 1, 2020-forgot I live in the future here and happen to be one day ahead of Amazon), hitting number one in Australia, and number one in Hot New Releases in both the US and UK.

It’s not horror, and there will be several other works I plan on dabbling in that will also stray away from that particular genre, but don’t start thinking I’m stepping away from horror. No chance of that. I’m currently working on two projects (with a third in mind as well) that are firmly entrenched in horror. Whether they will be novellas or novels remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain. I plan to be much more active in terms of writing this year, with hopefully several more releases than I managed in 2019.

And with that said, here’s the Clans playlist. Play that motherfucker loud while you delve into the world of Mantas and its musical clans, and more specifically the Metalheads and the Punks.


  1. Territory-Sepultura
  2. Everyone I love is Dead-Type O Negative
  3. Over the Wall-Testament
  4. Arise-Sepultura
  5. In the Glare of the Moon-Dead Silent Slumber
  6. Concrete Apple-Cadaverous Clan
  7. Cesspools in Eden-Dead Kennedys
  8. Friends Like You-Sick of it All
  9. Last Caress-Misfits
  10. New Rose-The Damned
  11. Torsofucked-Flayed Disciple
  12. Fucking Hostile-Pantera
  13. Bad Apples-Guns n Roses
  14. Rise Above-Black Flag
  15. Youth Gone Wild-Skid Row
  16. Paranoid-Black Sabbath
  17. Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)-Buzzcocks
  18. Over the Edge-LA Guns
  19. Troops of Tomorrow-The Exploited
  20. Transilvanian Hunger-Darkthrone
  21. Search and Destroy-The Stooges
  22. Raw Power-The Stooges
  23. Smash it Up-The Damned
  24. Complete Control-The Clash
  25. Dusk and Her Embrace-Cradle of Filth
  26. Sleeping My Day Away-D.A.D
  27. Metal Thrashing Mad-Anthrax
  28. Rust in Peace…Polaris-Megadeth
  29. The Wolfpack-Satyricon
  30. Solid Gold Beating-December Wolves
  31. Hammer Smashed Face-Cannibal Corpse
  32. Pretty Vacant-Sex Pistols
  33. Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell-Bad Religion
  34. Chapel of Ghouls-Morbid Angel
  35. Angel of Death-Slayer
  36. March of the S.O.D-Stormtroopers of Death
  37. A Call For Blood-Hatebreed
  38. Delusion and Anger-Broken Bones
  39. Peace Sells-Megadeth
  40. Crystal Mountain-Death
  41. Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne
  42. Screaming For Vengeance-Judas Priest
  43. Against the Grain-Bad Religion
  44. Cowboys of Hell-Pantera
  45. War Ensemble-Slayer
  46. Let’s Have a War-Fear
  47. Extreme Aggression-Kreator
  48. Bottled Violence-Minor Threat
  49. Bullet in the Head-Rage Against the Machine
  50. Leads to Utopia/The Old Man’s Dream-Old Man’s Child

Welcome to Mantas. A city unlike any other under the sun. One entirely free of discrimination based on race, creed, sexual preference, ethnicity, religion or anything else in between.
One where the only segregation that exists is based upon musical preference. One where whatever type of music each city denizen swears allegiance to defines where they dwell and which group of people they belong with, and these musical passions are their religions, their beliefs, their cultures.
It should be a Utopian existence. It should be ideal. It isn’t.
This is a city beset by violence, plagued by divides. Run by warring factions, split by constant differences.
One ruled by Clans.
And while there is perpetual conflict raging between Clans Mantas-wide , nowhere is quite as volatile as the eternal battle being waged in the inner city where two warring factions hold court.
The Metalheads. The Punks.

So, Plebs has been out approximately two weeks now, or just over and I am currently in the midst of the promotion. The writing part, the creating of stories, throwing characters in at the deep end and seeing if they can sink or swim is the fun bit, the promotion is undoubtedly, the least enviable part of this writing gig. However, it is essential, so I’m posting this sucker everywhere, lining up interviews, actively seeking reviews.
The review hunting is a juxtaposed position for me, considering the amount of reviews I myself did back in the not so distant days of Black Belle Music and I must say, coming by reviews in the extreme metal scene might be an easier task.
I do have a handful of reviews already lined up, but expecting them to magically appear overnight isn’t likely to happen, mainly for the fact that Plebs is such a lengthy book (more cogitations about long books coming after these updated ramblings) and I imagine not everybody reads fast. I do, I devour books, but then again I’ve always been a speed reader.
I’ve also completed several interviews, which again is a matter of waiting for the various interviewers to get back to me to let me know when they are going to go live. One has stated that there won’t be a spot available until September. Well, that’s great and I’ll still run with it, maybe that will boost some renewed interest in Plebs, but rest assured by then I plan to have other works out on the market so Plebs won’t be the only thing I’m attempting to drum up interest in.
I’ve heard plenty of people say that the first book always tends to languish and sit around for quite a period of time before it really takes off, if at all, so with that in mind, I haven’t been shirking writing new stuff and constantly staying in creative mode.
Along with the two novels I am working on simultaneously, I am putting the finishing touches on a collection of short stories which I plan to submit as a next release while I wrap up the zombie novel (which is currently at 50k words). This will probably end up around the 40-50k mark in terms of words so it will be a much shorter read than Plebs, but still with some decent length to it. I aim to use it as a stopgap between Plebs and Undead Fleshcrave (or In the Darkest Hour, whichever might get picked up first) and want to get it out there ASAP.

Now, back to the subject of long books. It has of course been debated fairly extensively on the whole novella/novelette vs novel thing, and the absolute proliferation of those shorter things always makes me think are they killing the good old long full length?

Granted it must be a great incentive to have things out there, and be massively prolific by churning out short piece after short piece, but by the same token, what’s going on with lengthy epic stories one can really get stuck into for days, one of those adventures that you never want to end so you’re thankful that the book has some solid chunky size about it? Dan Simmons, Simon Clark, Robert McCammon, old Koontz, old King, Steve Harris with ‘Adventureland’, Mark Morris with ‘Toady’, these are the books I loved to read back in the day, books that could hold you in thrall for the duration despite the fact that they were massive books. Not enough of them coming out nowadays when the lure of the quick item exists.
These days it’s all about the short piece, and with that in mind, if I were inclined to go down that path I could probably be pumping out novellas/novelettes etc at a rate of something ridiculous like ten or twenty a year with the amount I write, but the thing is, I like to read big books and I like to write big books. Right now my other WIP is over 180k and it’s only half finished, that big bastard is going to have to be split into two, I don’t see any other way around that. Plebs itself is 600+ pages, roughly 180k as well, which in this day and age might deter some people. Probably not something that can be read in a day, but I’d love to hear if anybody is able to.

In any case, I’m aiming to be extremely prolific, but in saying that, I want those works to be ones of decent length, something that can maintain attentions and be those kinds of books you don’t want to end. No doubt there will be folk saying, thank fuck, I thought that shit would never end, but hey, that’s how it goes.

This has been another episode of random ruminations and cogitations, stay tuned. I’ll probably have more to say on this at a later date, for now it’s back to writing tales of creepy shit and other cheerful stuff.