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Terror Train Anthology Podcast

Something that has been an extremely cool idea of the folks over at James Ward Kirk Fiction, and has been running for a little while now, is a podcast which features readings of a weekly story and/or poems from the anthology Terror Train, spearheaded by one of the editors of the work, Krista Clark and superbly read and narrated by David Schutz II and Mary Genevieve Fortier (Mary G. Fortier-Sch├╝tz II).

It is up to week ten on this novel approach to the work contained within the anthology, and this week, alongside Dona Fox’s ‘The Morpheus Special’ is my contribution, the cheerful tale ‘Training the Unfortunate.’ This one revolves around an offbeat and unique way of dealing with a homeless problem, or more appropriately, having them deal with the problem themselves. The main protagonist, Sloane is a deeply flawed and thoroughly unlikeable character, looking to flee the city of New York and a long string of indiscretions and serious crimes, via train to Memphis. Tune in and have a listen to what unfolds once he boards the train for the long journey, and then be sure to check out the book. Or vice versa. Anyway, make sure you do both.

It is a most surreal, but very interesting experience hearing something you wrote in an audio format, and this is definitely a first for me (aside from having stories read out way back in the school days, but hey, that’s an entirely different thing).

As it is week ten, that means there are a whole lot of weeks prior to check out and experience as well, and still many more stories and poems to appear in the coming weeks. Terror Train is comprised of an assortment of excellent authors and each of the pieces contained within are masterfully written, and masterfully read here in these podcasts.

Go on, grab hold of a ticket, get on board and sit back to enjoy the journey.

Book available through here