New Horror Anthologies for Charity: VS: US vs UK Horror/Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories

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New Horror Anthologies for Charity:

VS: US vs UK Horror/Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories


In opposition to the last post I made here, now I get to talk about some of the truly awesome stuff that goes on in the horror community. And what could be more awesome than not just one, but two, brilliant new anthologies packed full of some of the best horror inkslingers in the game right now, both of which will be donating all proceeds from their sales to charity?

Well, that’s precisely what’s going on with the two very recently released books, VS: US vs UK Horror edited by Queen of Extreme, Dawn Cano and Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories put together by the UK’s premier extreme horror king, Matt Shaw.

Like I made mention of in that previous post, I had the good fortune to be involved in of both of these books, lining up in two stunning Tables of Contents alongside many of the biggest names in the business, and many bright and brilliant ones to keep a serious eye on. There are true heavyweights of the genre representing it here and there are some who will be carrying the torch for it for many years to come.


First up, we have VS, which stems from a suggestion devised by anthology ideas wizard John Ledger, and fully developed and realised by Dawn Cano. The notion was simple-pit horror authors from the USA against those from the UK in a bid to see who writes the best horror. Authors from Canada and Australia were also added to the respective teams (Canada with US, Aussies with the UK), which will explain why myself and fellow Aussie inkslinger, brother Toneye Eyenot are involved in the whole thing. The latest in a line of anthologies where various teams are matched against one another in story writing battles which are then judged on by a team of impartial judges (who are also not made aware who wrote which story at the time) over a series of rounds, VS bids to answer that age old question. Which country(s) will come out on top in a no-holds barred, brutal, bloody, horrific streetfight? It was an exceedingly close, and hard-fought, battle throughout, and though all of us involved know the final outcome, it’s now up to the readers to delve into the book and see who they’re going to pick each round, and ultimately, overall.

There’s extreme horror, straight down the line classic horror, bizarro, comedic horror and just about everything in between here, and if that isn’t quite enough to sway you into snaring a copy of this book (and the fact that it’s all for charity), then check out this line-up.

Who writes the best horror: the US or the UK? Find out for yourself in VS: US vs UK, a competition anthology featuring some of the year’s best horror, judged by horror enthusiasts and you: the readers.

Featuring Pre-Fight Hype from The Ginger Nuts of Horror and The Eyes of Madness!

The Contenders…
Duncan Ralston vs Rich Hawkins
James Ward Kirk vs Kit Power
Glenn Rolfe vs Lex H. Jones
Tim Miller vs Daniel I. Russel
John Ledger vs Jim Goforth
Essel Pratt vs Daniel Marc Chant
Thomas S. Flowers vs Kyle M. Scott
Jonathan Ondrashek vs David Owain Hughes
T.S. Woolard vs Toneye Eyenot
Michael Noe vs Dani Brown
Sisters of Slaughter vs Matt Hickman
Salome Jones vs Kitty Kane
Peter Oliver Wonder vs Kevin J Kennedy

Cover art by Michael Bray

The book is available to purchase here

There is also a poll going on over here at the publisher (Shadow Work Publishing) where those who have read the stories are able to vote on which particular story in each round they considered the winner, so if you’ve already feasted your eyes on the various tales, best get around there and vote on them all.

All proceeds from the purchase of this book will be donated to the Second Chance Center for Animals (US) and the West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue (UK) charities.



Then there is Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories, conceived and conjured up by the one and only Matt Shaw. If you’ve been playing along at home, then you will most likely be aware that earlier in the year (around Easter, funnily enough), The Shaw pulled together a host of stellar names from the horror community to create an anthology of Easter horror stories-no easy feat, considering it’s not the first holiday most folks would associate with the genre. Or so you would think. The resulting Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers was a hell of a lot of fun and proves that nothing is off-limits for horror scribes, no holiday is sacred, we all have no problem with putting a unique horrific spin on just about anything.

In any case, several of the same names who were involved in that book have now returned, alongside many other big hitters of the horror community, to contribute either reprints or brand new stories created just for an anti-Christmas anthology. Shit, why let Easter have all the fun? Christmas definitely deserves to be lampooned, chopped up, massacred and strewn in brightly coloured segments over all and sundry, and therefore Bah! Humbug! was spawned in unholy nativity. It was a fuckload of work for Matt, with more and more folks jumping on-board and contributing pieces, but it’s come together superbly, and clocks in at over 100k words.

Twenty five authors comprise this mammoth beast, and like VS, these are both some of the best names in the business, as well as many who will be, and the stories (and poems) contributed run the gamut from all out splatterpunk and horror extremity to tongue-in-cheek irreverent pieces.


Once more, if this concept (and the proceeds to charity incentive) can’t convince you this is one book you absolutely must have for Christmas, have a look at this line-up
Terry M. West (poem)
Daniel Marc Chant
Mark West
Kit Power
Wrath James White (poem)
David Owain Hughes
Lisa Lane
Kealan Patrick Burke
Billie Sue Mosiman
Jaime Johnesee
J.R Park
Duncan Ralston
Gary McMahon
Michael Bray
Duncan P. Bradshaw
Mark Cassell
Jack Rollins
Mason Sabre
Matt Hickman
Jim Goforth
Charlotte Bond
Sam West
Andrew Freudenberg
Thomas S. Flowers
Matt Shaw

Cover art by Michael Bray

As mentioned earlier, this book is made up of both reprints and originals, and for my own contribution I have an original tale which features a setting some of you may be familiar with. If you have read Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers, you may recall an establishment called Fantasy Dress which has their own unique ways to celebrate various holidays throughout the year.

Now you can catch up with that place once more, and if you though things went a little awry at Easter, wait until you see what kind of chaos is unfolding around Christmas.

If you haven’t read Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers, best rectify that immediately, and grab hold of Bah! Humbug! as well.

All monies received from this title go to different charities each month


The book is available to purchase here

Grab both of these books as soon as possible. Perfect for Christmas. Perfect for the apocalypse. Perfect for any occasion. Get into them now.








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