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All through the whole month of May on Facebook, the Blood Moon Rising event created by Sam Gregory has been in full swing. Featuring scribes of the dark and fantastic, the horrific and the mind-bending, this event has been a non-stop ride with giveaways, interviews and abundant opportunities for question time with both established and up and coming authors.

Now, the Blood Moon Rising is just about to finally set, but it hasn’t yet come to a conclusion. and before the event does end there is one more author to wrap up proceedings, the one and only Michael (M.A) Carson.

The event is located here

ma carson

I will have to admit I’m not quite as familiar with the work of Mister Carson as I have been with several of the others who have taken the floor for the Blood Moon Rising, but if the reviews for his novel Beauty Is For Suckers: Live by the Vein. Die by the Vain are anything to go by, the fellow is one hell of a writer. Since I’m not quite up to date on all things Carson, I’ve lifted his bio from Amazon to help paint a clear picture.

Michael (M.A.) Carson grew up in San Marcos, California before moving to Montrose, Colorado with his parents and younger sister.

His love for writing started in fourth grade, providing him limitless possibilities for creative expression. After graduating college, Michael started writing novels, ranging from aliens to superheroes to beauty-sucking vampires. Genres were the jumping off point — a place where expectations, tropes, and cliches could be turned upside down.

Regardless of what he writes, his goal has always been the same: to take readers on a one-of-a-kind adventure and keep them laughing along the way. When he’s not writing, he enjoys cooking, drawing, cardboard sculpting, and taking long walks on the Colorado beaches.

His novel, the aforementioned Beauty is For Suckers was released by J. Ellington Ashton Press at the end of 2014 and this wholly unique take on the vampire theme hasn’t only garnered plenty of solid five star reviews, but is also the RMFW Colorado 2014 gold winner in speculative fiction as well as placing in the top ten for the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll for Other Novel in 2014.

The synopsis for this award winning novel is as follows,


For eighteen-year-old Iris Greene, eternal beauty is a bite away. Iris isn’t tall or short. She isn’t skinny or fat. She is nothing worth remembering—a ghost through high school. But one bite on the neck will suck that away and fix every flat-chested flaw. One bite will give her a beauty that inspires confidence.

A small-town girl from Idaho, Iris moves to L.A. with dreams of an alabaster immortal draining the heat from her pores under a moonlit sky. What she gets is a scratchy mustache sucking on the back of her arm behind an alleyway Dumpster. Her fangs come in, and her heartbeat stops, but her body and face remain unchanged. She looks exactly as she did when she was human, except now, as a vampire, “average” is ugly by comparison.

The only one who can fix her now is the man who sucked her dry. With the help of Nolan Dayburn—an amateur vampire slayer unaware of what she is—Iris will face alleys, nightclubs, and the monsters who inhabit each for answers only an Elbow Biter can provide.

Writing about vampires might be a well-worn, often trodden path, but some of the snippets from various reviews demonstrate that this is no ordinary, regular, run of the mill, done to death, opus. and nor is it a grim horror outing, or a straightforward exploration of the standard vampire tropes. Instead, it is rife with comedic touches, and since it is actually book one in what promises to be a series about the protagonist Iris Greene, then there is going to be plenty more to look forward to from Michael Carson. Here’s just a few things folks have had to say about the book.

‘This was a hilarious romp through a unique and well-built world of Modern USA mixed with Vampires. Iris is funny, complex, and, while exceedingly naive, she is fun to follow on her adventure’

‘I had given up on vampire novels some years back after the depressingly bad twilight. Beauty is for suckers has changed that. A well written, funny, action packed tale. I loved it.’

‘Beauty is for Suckers has to be one of the best send ups of the whole vampire genre I’ve seen in a long while! Carson really gets the humor, the strangeness and even some of the smaller details that would come into vampirism if it became an issue in our real society and became a piece of pop culture. Reality is stranger than fiction and this book really touches on so many elements of that truth.

‘This incredibly funny vampire tale was well-written, with engaging characters and ludicrous situations that were nevertheless so viscerally described that they were ultimately believable. Recommended for fans of fangtastic humour.’


However, don’t just take my word for it, or the words of these many reviewers who have certainly gotten their teeth into this engaging book. If you dig an inspired take or a new spin on that old vampire chestnut, then swing around and snatch a copy of Beauty is For Suckers out of the coffin.

While you are at it, make sure you go on a bit of a visit to Carson’s own website, where you will find that novels are not this crafty wordsmith’s only forte. Short stories and poems are there in proliferation too, every bit as hilarious as Beauty Is For Suckers is reported to be. I’ll post a series of links where you can check out more about this wonderful author below.

In the meantime, if you have any questions you would like to hurl at him, anything you would like to know, information on how the next installment of the Iris Green saga is coming along, or just random queries, then don’t miss catching up with Michael (M.A) Carson at the Blood Moon Rising event on Facebook on the final two days of May.

Below are a list of links where you can contact the good sir Carson and/or obtain his work.

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