Over on Facebook, there’s a Blood Moon Rising. For the whole month of May, there will be an event featuring authors of horror, dark fantasy and sci-fi, with interviews, giveaways, offers, questions and all kinds of things which will enable folks to learn about a whole host of intriguing scribes.

This event is the brainchild of Samantha Gregory, author of young adult zombie book After( After Series Book 1) and she has assembled a fine cast of authors from all the above genres, both established writers and new up and comers. Here is a link to the event, which kicks off today, so make sure you swing around and check out some of the fun and frivolity (by fun and frivolity I more likely mean blood, carnage and all round general weirdness, but six of one, half a dozen of the other).


Today, the spotlight however is on the one and only, incomparable Toneye Eyenot, author of the upcoming dark fantasy novella The Scarlett Curse, soon from J. Ellington Ashton Press. Filled with memorable characters, laced with horror and driven by a captivating storyline, The Scarlett Curse is book one in Eyenot’s series The Sacred Blade of Profanity and will be bound to draw in readers with a penchant for all things dark and phantasmagorical, whetting the appetite for the saga.


Another time…Place…Indeed, another reality akin to our own. The fates of many have fallen and will yet fall under the ethereal eye and insatiable bloodlust of The Sacred Blade Of Profanity. Scarlett’s centuries long struggle with The Blade Of Power begins to take its toll. Thousands have perished at the hands of Scarlett and The Sacred Blade, as will many thousands more in the centuries to follow…Or perhaps not?… An innocent child who unwittingly holds the secret to The Blades’ demise,  just may change everything… But who will suffer most?

Hailing from the Blue Mountains in Australia, Toneye Eyenot (who I’ll add at this juncture is a very close personal friend and brother to me) might be a relatively new face in terms of entering the publishing world, but when it comes to penning all things dark, demented and disturbing, he is a seasoned wordsmith, having been involved in the writing of songs and lyrics in Sydney’s extreme metal scenes for a couple of decades now. He is the frontman and vocalist for the likes of Chaotic Impurity, a band which was spawned back in the early nineties and has outlived many of it’s peers, head howler for atmospheric black metal outfit Infinite Black, and being (ir)responsible for ‘bass duties and idiotik banter’ in punk crew Rock n Roll Detectives, as well as formerly being involved in the now defunct classic underground act Nomenclature Diablerie.

With an extremely lengthy history in the Australian heavy metal keeping him sharp with extensive writing (he first started penning lyrics back in 1990), this minstrel of the macabre now turns the attentions of his blood dripping pen to the world of books, primarily in the genres of dark fantasy and horror, combining pensive and thoughtful prose with incisive dark humour and lashings of splatterpunk brutality. Lyrical explorations which double as deep, dark works of poetry or short stories laden with shocking violence or confrontational themes with the ability to knock the wind out of the reader as swiftly as a steel cap boot to the guts roll deftly from the mind of this sanguinary scribe and though it’s only been the last two years that he has kickstarted his assault on the publishing world, he is already stacking up the publishing credits, with more to emerge in 2015.

2014 saw his first foray into publishing with a couple of works appearing in the inaugural Rejected For Content anthology, Splattergore (All Manner of Sin and Don’t Hang Yourself (Where’s the Fun in That?)) with this quickly followed by appearances in the likes of The Grays, Cellar Door III-Animals and Hell II-Citizens all from James Ward Kirk Fiction, with reviews more often than not citing the work of Eyenot among the standout pieces of each.

rejected for content 1 coverthe grays

2015 has seen no slowing down of the creative outpourings of the Eyenot juggernaut, as he reappears in the second volume of the Rejected For Content series, Aberrant Menagerie with no less than four different offerings, and other anthology acceptances have already been confirmed. This year will also see the release of The Scarlett Curse, and the man himself remains busy at work on the second installment of the Sacred Blade of Profanity series, as well as a werewolf themed enterprise entitled Night of the Luniaks.


If you journey around to the Facebook event, linked above, this weekend, you might just be able to catch the esteemed Eyenot and toss a couple of questions his way, pick his brain on what makes him tick, and generally explore the immense dark depths of his imagination. Before I post a host of different links where you can discover him lurking in shadowy corners, here’s an introduction from the man himself, into the often terrifying, often humourous, always entertaining realms of his fiction.

‘Eye think it is time these Demons be let loose, among you who wish to experience the mind(s) of a luniakk.
Tumbling maniacally thru the confusing labyrinth of madness, misanthropy, magikk and merry malevolence…These words have found their way to you, the reader. They will take you to places you may not want to go. Show you things that you may not particularly want to see but rest assured…. You will not want to look away.
Enjoy your stay and tread carefully, thru the mind(s) of a luniakk‘-Toneye Eyenot.

This is a writer who will be a force to be reckoned with, and one not easily pigeonholed either. Adept at the short, sharp punch of often grisly, thought-provoking poetry which keeps one foot planted in horror, the other game to tread into any genre it sees fit, and composing short stories/novellas that draw from domains of dark fantasy, he is not one to be boxed into just one single genre. Stay tuned, and be on the look out for the impending arrival of The Scarlett Curse-Book One of the Sacred Blade of Profanity.

Toneye Eyenot can usually be discovered in such places as I will list below, though neither he nor I can be held accountable to you, or your mental state, psyche, imagination or ensuing nightmares if you do elect to go there.,4871546

And just because I can, I’m leaving you with one of my favourite tracks from one of Toneye’s bands, Infinite Black. Diemen’s Land. Dig it.


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