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autumn burning cover

The latest anthology which features a story from yours truly, has emerged from JEA, and managed to take off like a rocket in its first week out, climbing up into the top ten in horror anthologies in both the States and the UK.

Autumn Burning is a Halloween/Samhain themed collective of stories, predominantly horror. but with a few fantasy type of things as well, with some of the usual suspects and others chiming in to write for it. The turnaround on this book has been exceptional, considering it was only being discussed a month or so ago, and now it is here.

My piece in this wicked collective is a little different from what most might expect from me, something of a departure from ultra violent, visceral depravity and grindhouse tongue in cheek horror, in fact it is more what one would call a love story. It is a dark love story and ultimately a horror one too, but nonetheless it is a love story, In it, I pared back bloody carnage and violence in favour of a creepier, somewhat supernatural vibe and for me, it is quite subdued in tone.

If the subject matter appears eerily familiar, that is probably because it is, at least if you are familiar with the Type O Negative track ‘Creepy Green Light’ which which the story derives its name from. I was going to go with the title ‘Shadow Domain’, then ran with the more direct Creepy Green Light, though both are referenced in the piece. Bonus points for any other true Type O fanatic who catches the other reference to a separate song in it.

Check it out now, in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon, and keep an eye out for when it may surface on the likes of Barnes and Noble where most other books from JEA can now be obtained (including my grindhouse splatterpunk opus Plebs).

Venture forth into the autumn woods and share in the atmosphere of these Halloween tales. From the dark fantastic to the brutal depths of the imagination you’ll find just the classic tone you’re looking for from authors like:

Andy Bove, Roy C. Booth,
Christina Engela, Dona Fox,
Samantha Gregory, Jim Goforth,
Sharon L. Higa, Stuart Keane,
Axel Kohagen, Michael Noe,
Essel Pratt, Samuel Reese,
Aghori Shiavite, R. J. Spears,
and Brian Woods.


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