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The Terror Train anthology from the exemplary James Ward Kirk Fiction, and edited by Krista Clark Grabowski and A. Henry Keene has pulled into the station. This collection of twisted horror stories and dark poetry is now available on Amazon, at least in Kindle format, with the paperback edition to follow in another week, and I am extremely excited to be sharing a TOC with some truly outstanding authors on this one.

Unlike some of the anthologies I currently have submissions in for, or the excellent Axes of Evil, where I had existing stories written from some time before I thought might fit the bill, the story I wrote for Terror Train is specifically for the anthology, drawing on particular train journeys or places mentioned as the idea for the anthology was taking off.

This one is titled ‘Training the Unfortunate’, which you shall discover as you read, that it might not exactly mean what you might think. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read any of the other works comprising this expedition into regions of darkness and stops at sanguinary stations, but I am eagerly looking forward to it. As soon as the paperback edition becomes available, I can’t wait to get my mitts on it.

I already had a train tale written many many years ago which I called Night Train, but rather than submit that, when I was aware somebody else was working on a piece with that title, I conjured up something new just tailor-made for the Terror Train and as you might expect from me, it is doused in blood, shot through with some suitably horrific violence and just enough of the splatterpunk tendencies I like to dwell in, but with a solid undercurrent of story to it and a deeply flawed, disturbed main character. Night Train itself can be located and read elsewhere on this site, if anyone feels inclined to read some of my work from long ago.

In the meantime, head on into the station, get yourselves a ticket and prepare to get onboard for a journey you won’t be likely to forget. That is, if you survive it.

Forget Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Crazy Train’, this is the Terror Train.




The complete author list for Terror Train is as follows:

Roger Cowin

Charie D. La Marr

Mark Rigney

Stephen Alexander

Mike Jansen

Mathias Jansson

Murphy Edwards

Aaron Besson

Justin Hunter

Brian Barnett

Jim Goforth

Dennis Banning

Tony Bowman

Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad

Dale Hollin

David S. Pointer

William Cook

Shenoa Carroll-Bradd

Dona Fox

Michael Thomas-Knight

A.P. Gilbert

Shane Koch

Rie Sheridan Rose

Brigitte Kephart

E.S. Wynn

Stuart Keane

William F. Nolan

Teri Skultety

Thomas M. Malafarina

Lori R. Lopez

Leigh M. Lane

Jeremy Mays

Mary Genevieve Fortier

Alex S. Johnson


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