An update or two

Posted: December 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been pretty inactive here, on Facebook and Twitter recently due to the fact that I have just relocated from the city to the country, and have had no proper internet access until today.

This means I can now start getting myself visible once more, keeping things updated and posting more news about the upcoming Plebs, along with other things I’m working on.

Where I’m currently at with Plebs is edits and that is moving along very rapidly, I’m half way through what is a sixty plus chapter novel after a couple of days of doing this (fitting in the time when I am able to, along with organising the new house, and chasing my mischievous little kids around), though I’m keen to get it done as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on this monster.

In the overall scheme of things I’m pretty damn happy with how the manuscript came back from the publishers and editor Mark, considering I submitted the book as a very first draft with zero changes to the story from its first write. Being a bit too sparse with comma’s is my main problem, other than that I only need to revise a couple of sentences and trim a couple of scenes.

Nothing in the entire story has been changed or altered in any way, and this is fantastic. I’m extremely excited to get this out there so I’m making the Plebs edits my number one priority in terms of writing at the moment.

This means the other two novels I am currently working on (Undead Fleshcrave and Carnival of Chaos/Festival of the Flesh) will temporarily go on the backburner but at the rate I’m going through edits (and the relatively small amount required to do) I will be right back into these two very shortly.

I also plan to touch up another completed manuscript In The Darkest Hour and consider getting things moving on having it published as well.

Hopefully I don’t get sidetracked by another more surfeit of ideas and get drawn into writing another full length 😉


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