A bit of old stuff, some plans.

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

These next couple of posts are going to be a couple of old stories that I doubt I will ever consider getting published in any capacity bar right here, just some short pieces that I wrote some ten or so years ago. More recently my short stories either span out to the 20 or 30k mark or end up blowing out into full length novels but both of these are remarkably short, more like flash fiction under 2k each.

I plan on putting together a whole bunch for an anthology at some stage, may or may not follow a theme, it might just be a series of eclectic nightmarish stuff. I have a few ideas for anthologies I would like to do at some stage in the future with stories and pieces that will be knotted together by common threads but a lot of the older things I’ve written might not fit in with those concepts.

The following two stories are in no such plans, they are free to read for anybody who feels inclined to do so.


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