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Posted: November 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just wrapped up my finale for the six author collab Lycanthroship for JEA, now I’m finishing up a short Dead Tree Creepers, with a couple of other shorts needing to get out and on the page.

Then it will be a resumption of my very first foray into the zombie field. This thing was (like a couple of my full lengths) supposed to be a short story which was going to be the first in a series involving extreme metal genres but instead is going to become a novel. At just over 25000 words at the moment there is so much more that is going to be involved so forget the idea of this thing being a short. So zombie novel it is.

The extreme metal facets are still going to be very prevalent, in fact the whole zombie notion revolves around death metal and the way they turn isn’t the standard method.

I’m loving incorporating all kinds of metal type things into this, having plenty of fun with it and growing to appreciate some of the characters as much as I have on other ventures.

Amidst all this I will be going over the restored novel I wrote back when I first became massively inspired by Richard Laymon, In The Darkest Hour (one I thought I had lost the whole ending to, but hadn’t) and getting that one ready to hopefully get out there too.

In The Darkest Hour was the very first book I ever attempted to get published back before I had any clue who to be directing it to, who would most likely be interested in that type of novel so consequently I sent it anywhere and everywhere without a real in depth examination of the houses. That was a brainy move, but I’m a little wiser now-no, Christian resource books are not real enthused about horror-and have a much better idea on the type of publishers who it may appeal to.

It was written quite a while ago but I’m still keen to get it published at some stage.


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